Inspired by cyclical motions in the great outdoors (growing grass, blooming flowers, shifting breeze, falling leaves …..)
the RHYTHMS series explores our relationships with nature.
They are process based, aligning artist’s flow with movements in nature.


Sometimes the process, when left to chance in a stroke, splatter or drip, determine the uniqueness, character and beauty of a painting. Similarly, the stray bloom of a wildflower alters our landscape. I relish the risky moments of flying paint because it reminds me of what it is to be human and part of nature. It is within the flow of authenticity, that character (and original art) surfaces.


Our biological dependence on nature is often overlooked as our society becomes further removed from nature. Through this work, I celebrate our connection and capture an interpretation of nature (both subject matter and process) to bring an essence of nature indoors via the finished paintings.