FURNITURE melds with feminine body parts and accoutrements.
These pieces explore how we inhabit both spaces and bodies,
and the meanings attributed and derived from those experiences.

THRONES, 48” X 60” each, Mixed media: Graphite, ink, acrylic, gold spray paint, black gesso.


BEAUTIFUL OBJECTS, 5” x 5” Ink drawings on paper

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 9.59.24 AM.png

I approached Rashelle Roos’s gilded parlor

of overstuffed arm (and leg) chairs. Set up like a theatrical tableau, Roos stuffs pantyhose to create bulbous anthropomorphic furniture—a life-sized chandelier, coffee table, paintings, sofa—laced with wigs and hair pieces. The result is a spectacle that repels and attracts. Its materials and surfaces invite a lingering gaze yet its intestinal abjectness prompt one to question who inhabits this domestic interior. The sagging, imperfect qualities of the forms nod to the aging process and perhaps the domicile of fallen beauty…. —Julie Rodrigues Widholm

Rashelle Roos' Louella (2007), an aggressive, claustrophobic "feminine" parlor filled with tuberous gold-painted furniture and drooping loops of artificial hair, slyly aligns domestic space with the accouterments of the female body. It is an alarming, disruptive and sensuous space—all the better to dissect what constitutes "the female" implicit in cultural axioms. -Polly Ullrich


Photographs of installation of “Furniture” (built from stuffed panty hose, wigs, and stiletto shoes, painted gold). Top: Photos printed on canvas and framed.